Informational Interviews

Mike Peterson
Stanford Hospital & Clinics

         Mike Peterson, the Ex-CEO/COO of Stanford Hospital & Clinics has been amongst the most influential individuals that have advised me in my journey to learn more about healthcare administration.

Over a recent lunch conversation I asked Mr. Peterson several questions about different aspects of healthcare administration. The first question being, “what does it take to be a successful leader?” Mr. Peterson answered by stating that a leader’s success is not defined by having the title of a leader that makes people want to follow you, it is you as a person that makes people want to follow you by leading by example. This was useful advice because in previous informational interviews most people had not highlighted to me how crucial it is to lead by example and instead had geared their information towards leading because they are expected to lead.

David Haray
VP Financial Services
Stanford Hospital & Clinics

             David Haray, the current Vice President for the Patient Financial Services department at Stanford Hospital & Clinics, has also been a very influential mentor of mine. The summer of 2013, I had the pleasure of working for him in the Patient Financial Services department on a very important project. It entailed putting together a process and plan for how to improve certain clinics within Stanford Hospital. His guidance and advice on how to go about putting together and implementing such a crucial project taught me more than I could ever imagine learning in our short time together. Through out our time together at Stanford I asked him many questions regarding how to be a leader and how to get your “foot in the door,” within healthcare. Here are some of the questions and responses I received.

Question: What are your thoughts on going intro graduate school directly after undergrad?

Answer: Going into graduate school after undergrad isn’t something that is typically recommended, but is definitely doable. Within healthcare administration it is all about personal experience that enables you to become a leader. You want to gather experiences from all sorts of areas within healthcare so that you can be prepared to be a leader

Question: When receiving feedback, what would you say are key things to keep in mind, both for the presenter of information and the audience member giving the feedback?



John Grotting
Operating Partner
Frazier Healthcare

          Another significant and impactful individual in that has advised me about healthcare administration is John Grotting, a current operating partner of Frazier Healthcare and current regent of St. Olaf College. We had an informational interview to briefly talk about the benefits of going into healthcare administration and my interests in pursuing a masters in healthcare administration. He also advicsed me on pursuing

Rolf Nymo
Operations Manager: BMT Clinic
Stanford Hospital & Clinics

           Rolf Nymo, the current operations manager for the Bone Marrow Transplant clinic at Stanford Hospital, has been an instrumental in helping me begin to even learn about healthcare administration and obtaining my first internship within healthcare.

Bryanna Gallaway
First Stanford Healthcare Administrative Fellow
Performance Excellence: Customer Satisfaction Manger
Stanford Hospital & Clinics

             Bryanna Gallaway,

Anna Dapelo-Garcia
Administrative Director
Stanford Hospital & Clinics
Nicole Squires
Project Manager
Patient Financial Services
Jenny Salinas
Assistant Director of Patient Access Services
Stanford Hospital & Clinics

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