Experiential Learning Summaries

Experiential Experience #1
Stanford Hospital & Clinics
Patient Financial & Access Services Intern
Summer 2013
             Engaged in Lean-Active-Daily Management-empathy mapping sessions at Stanford Hospital & Clinics. Charted six-dimensional empathy maps to improve patient experience with clinical laboratories. Developed process workflows and assisted in the development of a “A3” to provide consistent protocol for review and renewal of existing department contracts. Completed a 5S segment of excess office supplies for purpose of creating a centralized location and developed an interactive online universal supply order document to streamline and reduce (defects) re-ordering of supplies and increase process efficiency. Made final presentation and recommendations to Vice President and management team.
Experiential Experience #2
Stanford Hospital & Clinics
Performance Excellence Intern
January 2013
           Gained experience in the economic, policy and medical aspects of healthcare administration through various meetings, physician shadowing, and research. Became familiar with healthcare administration within a leading tertiary care teaching hospital. Took part in medical center administrative meetings and actively provided input on implementing methods of quality improvement and reducing adverse outcomes among patients. Performed data entry for various departments of the hospital, which helped with recognition of the diverse nature of different departments within the hospital. Utilized management knowledge and skills to assist in managing Stanford University Hospital & Clinics.
Experiential Experience #3
Stamford Hospital
OCEG Intern
January 2014
Experiential Experience #4
Study Abroad Student
Health & Culture in Oceania
The Federated States of Micronesia and Hawaii
           Explored health and culture in Oceania, examining sources of influence including the colonial experience, regional and global interdependence, the impact of nuclear testing, and the co-existence of traditional and modern values. Attended dinner at the United States Ambassador of Micronesia’s home, and gained independence and leadership skills navigating unfamiliar cities.

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