Healthcare Economics 245

This course will provide core knowledge on the dynamic U.S. healthcare system from a business and economic aspect so that complex knowledge can be obtained from other courses to better understand the system as a whole. It will provide current issues within the healthcare system and management methods for restructuring the delivery of healthcare which is essential core knowledge for improving the healthcare system. The healthcare system in our nation needs to keep up with the rapidly changing nature of medicine and this course will provide economic and management knowledge needed to adapt to the change.

Industrial and Organizational Psychology 250

This course will provide a psychology aspect of the business and industry fields which is important in public health. Since the policy and management aspect of public health deals with organizational structure, personnel management, communication, and leadership, this course will develop skills necessary to be effective in managing these areas.

Management 251

This course will provide the major with the fundamentals of management. It will provide a connection between the knowledge learned in the classroom to application of management in the real world. It will develop leadership skills to be successful in pursuing a career in Public Health Policy and Management.

Biomedical Ethics 250

This course provides an in-depth analysis of effective ways of developing health policies while following a culturally respectful ethical framework and the necessary aspects of the ethical framework. Our world is faced with a widening disparity between the cost of healthcare and access to healthcare, and this course will analyze creative ways to decrease this disparity while taking into account the ethical issues that healthcare is faced with on a global scale.

Social Policy 258

This course will provide analysis of the social policies associated with the public and how to form policies that reflect the interest of all parties. This is an important aspect of public health policy and management since policy-making is essential to healthcare. This course will develop a foundational view on policies which can then be integrated with other courses including Economics of Health Care (ECON 245) to focus on the formation of healthcare policies.

Management(Accounting) 225

This course will provide a financial aspect to the major to give a more complete understanding of the financial decisions associated with management. Healthcare organizations have various means of funding from federal grants to individual contributions and it is essential to know how to handle and manage these finances.

Management Strategy & Policy

This course will provide background to the Public Health: Policy and Management major in a non-discipline specific manner. It will enable understanding of the fundamentals of management policy while providing strategic ways to approach management policy through case-based learning exercises.


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